Increasing Each Student's Academic Performance

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Algebra
  • Study Skills


Where to Begin?

We begin with an extensive, diagnostic evaluation that determines your individual son or daughter’s current abilities. This initial assessment includes a thorough explanation of the results and our professional recommendations. With your signed permission, we share the test results and goals with your child’s teacher and work with them to achieve success in the school classroom.

What is the Next Step?

These results are then used to develop an individualized program to help your child build a solid educational foundation.

Why does it Work?

We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Our fully trained, credentialed teachers guide each student toward new academic goals, thus improving their attitude, self-esteem and enjoyment in learning.

What Are the Results?

On average, students enrolled in Academics Plus programs improve their reading achievement by over one (1) full grade level and math achievement by over two (2) full grade levels in 48 hours of instruction.

Intensive remediation of specific, requisite skills is provided in an enjoyable, highly motivating environment. Under-achieving students look forward to their instructional sessions each week (two to three one-hour sessions per week on average) and begin to experience greater academic success. Classroom teachers begin to notice increased effort and improved performance in the classroom. Their expectations are raised along with their diagnostic knowledge of each student and classroom strategies to support these students as they grow toward grade-level competency.

Frequent parent and teacher conferences and written progress reports document each student’s improvement. Finally, student performance on standardized achievement tests improves dramatically.

When Can It Happen?

Call us now to receive more information, schedule a diagnostic evaluation or enroll! 972-548-8788