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Holiday Letter to our A+ Parents

As the holidays approach I want to send a very special thank you to each of you in entrusting your children’s academic performance to Academics Plus. They truly inspire and amaze me daily! This year marked the 25th anniversary of Academics Plus, and, like each year since 1991, we have had the opportunity to increase hundreds of students’ academic success. What better investment can we make than in the success and education of our children?

As an expression of our gratitude for our A+ families, each parent will receive a gift of 50% off our diagnostic testing. This Gift of Learning is for each of you to share with another family seeking enrichment or additional academic support for their children.Our hope is to give another family the chance to enjoy their own academic success this holiday season.

In order to continue offering the quality of instruction you have come to expect from us, we continue our$1/hour increase in tuition rates each January. This will also be reflected in each of the discounted prepaid blocks. As always, you may purchase as many blocks of 48, 72, or 96 prepaid hours of instruction as you wish at our current, lowerrates through December 31, 2016. These have no expiration date and may be used at your discretion for any of your immediate family members. Wecontinue to honor 10% Sibling and Professional Courtesy Discounts. We do sincerely appreciate you and the trust you place in us to increase your child’s academic performance.

What a wonderful thing it is to be able to continue our A+ legacy through our partnership with our Founder/Consultant, Melinda Crenwelge, Ph.D. I so appreciate her guidance and involvement through every test, instructional prescription, and business decision. Her son (A+ family member and student himself, and employee since 2009), Ben Crenwelge, returned to us in February as Associate Director. His strong business upbringing and college degree, math giftedness, and passion for Academics Plus, paired with the instructional expertise, classroom experience, and sincere compassion of Sarah Underwood, M.A., our Assistant Director since 2014, has been a blessing both to myself as well as to our students. Sonya Ponse, our Lead Instructor who began with A+ in 2001, completes a most dynamic leadership team. Student success continues to thrive with such an experienced and talented team at the helm!

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the passing of two giants in the A+ family. Chuck Anders, A+ instructor for nearly 10 years, passed away in February. Early in August, Melinda’s father, Reverend Dean Pratt, died peacefully. We fondly remember Dean as our “Grand-Founder,” as he was heavily involved in and supportive of Academics Plus since its inception. Dean and Barbara Pratt delighted in everything A+ and left their passion for excellence and service in all we do.  We honor their lives this holiday season and hope you will share in our gratitude for each of them.

The holidays mark the end of the first semester and the break before the second, final semester and the onset of the STAAR and End of Course testing. This time provides an important academic “catch up” opportunity. Please call us to schedule additional instructional hours or to reschedule days because of family travel during this season.

Holidays that NEED to be rescheduled: Non-Instruction days that  DO NOT need to be rescheduled: We WILL be open for instruction:
Thursday, November 24 Tuesday-Wednesday, November 22-23 Monday, November 21
  Thursday, December 22 Saturday, November 26
  Saturday, December 24 Monday-Wednesday, December19-21
    Monday-Thursday, December 26-29
    Saturday, December 31

We wish our students and their families much health and success in the upcoming year as well as a happy and safe holiday!

Stephanie Talley, B.S.


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